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Bettina Schroeder

Bettina lives and works in London.

Bettina has been teaching and running her renowned painting holidays for more than 20 years. Her enthusiasm and expertise have helped hundreds of painters, beginners and more advanced students alike, to new levels of pleasure and satisfaction in their work.

Born and educated in Germany Bettina Schroeder moved to London in the 1980s. It is Bettina's belief that the making of art has no limits, either in the technical sense or the subject matter. Consequently her work ranges from painting in watercolours and oils to mixed media and sculpture and covers a wide range of subjects: landscapes, objects, people, and details of everyday life.

She divides her time between watercolour painting in the summer, and other media in her London studio during the winter.

In a variety of stunning locations Bettina shares her wealth of knowledge, offering tips and professional secrets to help you improve your painting. Whether in the dunes of the Moroccan desert, the ancient landscapes of Sicily, the verdant hillsides of Devon or the breathtaking mountains of Tuscany and Scotland, a Bettina Schroeder Painting Holiday offers you much more than just a beautiful landscape.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."  ~ Pablo Picasso

Recent shows include:

Arch 402 Gallery, London (2014)
Vibe Gallery, London, (2013)
A&D Gallery, London
Merge Festival, South Bank, London
Hundred Years Gallery, London
Galerie Pamme-Vogelsang, Cologne, Germany
London Institut of 'Pataphysics, London
Galerie Espace, Montreal, Canada (2011)
Coombe Farm Gallery, Devon
Rivington Gallery, London
Oxyd Gallery, Winterthur, Switzerland
The Foundry Basement Gallery, London (2007)
Santa Fe Art Fair, USA

For further  details visit: www.art-holidays.com

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